Hanimex 35RAS

  • Year : 1987
  • Lens : 34 mm, f4.5
  • Focal Range : 1m to ∞
  • Batteries : 2AA

A bit of context : I bought my Hanimex 35 RAS in Glasgow after that my Canon prima 115u broke while I was on the Isle of Skye, wasting an entire shot roll of film :(. I wanted to have a film camera to shoot around Glasgow, therefore I bought the first camera I found in a charity shop. 

Made in the 80’s the Hanimex 35 RAS has a typical blocky, black plastic look. It’s a very straight forward point and shoot. There is a sliding window to cover the lens (that also locks the shutter) and a knob to activate the flash. Focus is automatic, film sensitivity is read using the DX code on the film can, speed is also auto with no indication of what speed the camera is shooting with. 

The camera uses two AA batteries which are very easy to find. They power the flash and the very noisy automatic film advancer. On a few occasions the film did not advance and seemed to get stuck. Therefore I had to bang the camera a few times to hear the film advance to the next frame. That worried me a bit about the camera function, but it seems to have had no impact in the end. 

The images I took with the Hanimex 35RAS are as I expected : not very high quality. Exposure is right but the images are not very sharp. Is that due to an approximate focus or the bad quality of the lens ? Probably both. Overall this camera is a good retro-fun-point & shoot, and easy to carry around. Great for souvenirs, just not ideal if you’re looking for quality images. 

Here are some shots taken with the Hanimex 35 RAS took in summer 2019 in Glasgow on Agfa vista plus 200 :