Nikon lite touch zoom 100w

  • Year : 2003
  • Dimensions : 115 x 65 x 41.5mm
  • Weight : 200g
  • shutter speed : 2 to 1/500s 
  • Iso : 50 to 3200
  • Lens : 28-100mm f/5.8-10.5,
  • Focal Range : 65 cm to ∞
  • Batteries :  CR123A

The Nikon lite touch zoom 100w is known to be the last film point-and-shoot made by Nikon. It’s a very compact camera with a wide angle 28mm lens. On paper it sounded great, but in the end I was quite disappointed. 

One good aspect of that camera is its portability. It’s compact and light and cleverly designed : the door that covers the lens acts like an on/off button and allows the flash to pop out. It features all the modes of early year 2000 film cameras : landscape, anti red eye, timer, flash on/off etc. 

What looked promising was its lens, from 28 to 100 mm. Not many point-and-shoot cameras have this wide an angle and zoom. But in the end the resulting images were not that great.  Focus is right, even if not very sharp, exposure is ok but the wide angle shots are ruined by extremely strong vignetting. 

I found this Nikon lite touch online and picked it up in Lyon in 2016 for a few euros. Here are some shots taken with it in Lyon 2019 on Agfa vista plus 200 :